Our capacitive deionization process is conceptually similar to that of a super-capacitor and cleans water through the application of a programmable electrostatic potential which removes charged species and organic pollutants. A typical capacitive deionization cleaning process comprises of a deionization cycle followed by an electrode recuperation protocol.


The module

We have designed a compact module with a dry weight of 15 kg that incorporates our capacitive deionization technology. Multiple modules can be added into a system depending on the application and solutions to specific customer needs can be tailor-made. Thanks to this, our technology is highly scalable and applicable all over the world.      

The energy efficient technology inside of the module consumes around 1,5 kWh per 1000 litres of purified water and can offer water recovery levels up to 80%. A single module can offer a water flow rate up to 10 litres per minute and can, due to its modularity, be scaled up or down depending on the application. 

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