We are a Scandinavian company that exists to develop and design clean and sustainable water solutions. The technology integrates hardware and software and brings smartness to the system while offering an exceptionally high water recovery and low energy use. In other words – efficient, membrane-free, smart and sustainable water purification designed and engineered in Stockholm.


Safe & sustainable freshwater production

SWT’s Fors is state-of-the-art, next generation water treatment product built on the new and exciting CAP 3D technology (patented). Fors saves water and energy, while ensuring that your water is safe and nourishing to drink. Fors is suitable to clean well water, surface water (lakes, ponds, rivers), municipal water and can be customized to meet the water needs at your home or summer house.


Capacitive Deionization (CDI) is a fast-growing technology which inherently reverses the age-old philosophy for water purification. While traditional methods separate the water from the contaminants, CDI selectively plucks out contaminants from the water, hence being very power and water efficient in operation. CDI, which is a purely electrostatic water purification method, has the unique ability to store energy while cleaning water, making it the only technology to truly address the energy-water nexus, and ability to bring about a paradigm change to the future of water treatment.