A collection of news related to SWT

Mistra Terraclean phase 2

Earlier this morning, Mistra Terraclean phase 2 kick-off was held. A lot of interesting companies were attending which hopefully will lead to fruitful collaborations and

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Introducing Success Stories

Announcing Success Stories! A place where we showcase how we’ve helped people sort out their water-related problems with our products and expertise. 

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Aqua Nor 2021

Amazing to see Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) products featured at Aqua Nor 2021, one of the biggest aquaculture trade shows in the world. A big

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Meet our new team members

Welcoming SWTs newest team members Nilza Motty and Ankit Bhardwaj. Nilza joins SWT as a Production Associate. She has a mixed background in social sciences

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Launching Fors!

SWT is launching Fors! All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable freshwater production. Fors comes in three sizes, single and double and quadruple

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