Stockholm Water technology (SWT) is a Swedish company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. SWT manufactures and sells products for sustainable and circular purification of water for homes and industries. The products are based on SWT’s patented technology developed over 12 years of R&D, in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

SWT’s mission is to clean water for the planet with their smart & patented technology and it strives to be a global water treatment company, whose products power the smart cities & homes of tomorrow and benefit both mankind and the environment.

SWT is powered by a diversified and tight  team, 

who are keen to ensure sustainable use of water and energy,

 while giving their customers clean and healthy water.


Bodil Wiklund


Bodil has over 20 years of experience in strategy, business development, and marketing. Bodil has before joining Stockholm Water a background in management consulting and 14 years of work for the multinational water technology corp. Xylem, where she has held multiple different global roles. 

Karthik Laxman

Co-founder & CTO

Dr. Karthik Laxman specializes in water desalination using capacitive deionization technology with more than 8 years of related research experience. Prior to his engagement with CDI, he worked for 4 years in the industry in multiple roles and business segments.

Roger Forsberg

Chief commercial officer

Roger has several years of experience in a multitude of industrial sectors, including the water sector. He has built companies from a start-up phase, held sales and business development roles in large corporations, developed products with good market traction and managed projects from an operational and managerial stand-point. Roger is responsible for all business and sales related activities at Stockholm Water Technology.

Esteban Toledo Carillo

Research Engineer

Esteban is a Materials Engineer with three years of experience in the maintenance sector. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Applied Physics at KTH, focusing on material design strategies for efficient and durable electrochemical devices. Esteban joined the team in summer 2021 as a Research Engineer with the challenge to develop new applications.

Ankit Bhardwaj

Process Design engineer

Ankit is a Product & Process Design Engineer, pursuing a master’s degree from RWTH Aachen University. Ankit joined the team in mid-summer of 2021. Ankit has a background in Industry 4.0 and optimising production systems, complemented with his Managerial skills. His main areas are Process control mapping, Machine Design and Production assemblies. 

Mattia Dalla Via

Information and Network Engineer

Mattia Dalla Via is an Information and Network Engineer with a master’s degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. With a background in the R&D of IoT systems, Mattia joined the team in the summer of 2021, taking up the development of the company’s Cloud and Embedded systems.

Ana Novak


With over 15 years of work experience within service, logistics, and housekeeping, Ana is taking up the challenge as a Production Associate. Her structured mindset and eye for detail are the cornerstones for streamlining production processes and improving the quality of the material and components.


Olof Heyman

Chairman of the board

With more than 30 years in leading positions within ABB, Olof has extensive experience from the global energy industry and industrial growth. 2016-2019 he joined Ferroamp as chairman and later as CEO. During his time at Ferroamp, they went from a small start-up to a successfully listed company at Nasdaq First North. Olof now works as a business consultant.

Joydeep Dutta

Board member

Prof. Joydeep Dutta has been involved in research and development of capacitive deionization technology since 2006. He is currently the Chair of Functional Materials at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Developments over the last decade has made his research groups as one of the Top 5 in the world in capacitive deionization technology and Top 30 in the world in Water Treatment.

Karthik Laxman

Board member

Dr. Karthik Laxman specializes in water desalination using capacitive deionization technology with more than 8 years of related research experience. Prior to his engagement with CDI, he worked for 4 years in the industry in multiple roles and business segments.


Markus Berglund

Board member

Based in InnoEnergy’s Stockholm office, Markus is managing a part of InnoEnergy´s Nordic portfolio of equity investments, besides looking into new investment opportunities. Markus is an ex-entrepreneur who started his career in product design and manufacturing, working for multinationals, e.g. Ericsson, Emerson and Scania, with taking new products to the market and industrializing their supply. Connecting the dots also from assessing uncountable and working with 25+ energy ventures on a variety of trajectories since 2011, he has developed a preference towards investing in deep tech ventures before accelerating revenues and market traction make the investment opportunities obvious. Markus holds a MSc in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics and a Mechanical Engineering degree from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

Magnus Eriksson

Board member

Magnus has a background as a nuclear physicist and he has also taught math and nuclear physics. He spent the boom years of Silicon Valley in the 1990s as the Swedish Technical Attaché in San Francisco/Palo Alto. He has worked with international business development and established businesses in several countries and has working experience from all the Nordic countries, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Japan, Vietnam, India, UK, and the US. He has a passion for sustainable technologies and was Vattenfall’s first responsible for green electricity. After 19 years in leading positions at the research and advisory firm Gartner Inc., he joined STOAF in 2019. His other board memberships include Uman Sense and Aligned Bio.

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