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Ending 19 years of bad water

Hans Vestlund - House owner Torö, Nynäshamn

Hans moved to Torö in 2002 and drinking water problems have been a constant topic since then. The water has a yellowish color, a bad taste, and an unpleasant smell, and he says that many of his neighbors face similar problems. Water analysis has detected high levels of iron and manganese which are the main causes for Hans problems.


Prior to the installation of Fors M, Hans has tried several different solutions like carbon filters and sand filters, but he hasn’t been satisfied with the result. The installation was handled by SWTs distributor CE Vattenteknik during summer 2021 and the system has exceeded Hans expectations.

It just works, it feels like living in an apartment.

Hans Vestlund
The color difference before and after the purification.
Textiles washed with the old respectively new water.
My wife is very happy, and we swapped the wine for water last Friday.
Hans Vestlund
About his new system Fors M
Stains on pipes and tiles are a result of high levels of iron and manganese.​