All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable freshwater production. Using a patented solution, Fors reduces commonly found pollutants without compromising with the water’s naturally rich taste. Fors comes as Fors S, Fors M and Fors L, where Fors S comprises 1 CAP 3D module, Fors M comprises 2 CAP 3D modules and Fors L comprises 4 CAP 3D for multiplied water delivering capacity. Fors comprises a highly configurable electronic design and intelligent software powering the system operations. This makes Fors a smart system, capable of adapting to your water needs with ease. Fors boasts a chemical-free operation, making the system environmentally clean and sustainable.

Fors saves energy water

Remote acess and monitoring enabled​

Service screen for simple trouble-shooting and system check​

Key benefits


Reduces unwanted metal ions, while ensuring water is not devoid of essential minerals, giving safe and healthy water


Hard water (high in calcium, magnesium, carbonates) can be treated very effectively through the patented FT-CDI technology to reduce scaling in taps, showers, toilets and water heaters

Smart system

The super smart software coupled with the customized electronic hardware gives the system flexibility to manage operations to give clean and consistent water quality, irrespective of changes in input water quality


The electro-chemical operation removes/kills bacteria and viruses in water without the use of any chemicals. Hence Fors generated water is safe and healthy.


The system is designed like a Lego block and hence its capacity is scalable as per the application need. In addition, the software and configurable hardware ensure system can be tailored to clean different kinds of input waters (common in well water due to geography), with only software changes


Improves clarity of the water


Fors has smart and customizable software that operates the system autonomously and intelligently. Fors continuously reports basic functions and operating parameters to SWT control center in real-time, ensuring error-free operation and quick turnaround for unforeseen issues. This also enables preventive maintenance to give you a potentially zero-downtime system. If you want to make any changes to your system, you can easily configure it through the intuitive touch screen interface.