Core M2 & Core L2

Fors is powered using SWTs’ proprietary Core M2 or L2 modules. The enhanced and extended versions of the original Core M1. By redesigning the inside, we’ve succeeded to improve the performance significantly within the same footprint, enabling new applications where space is an issue.

For users that need to treat water volumes, we’ve designed Core L2. A more cost-efficient solution for bigger flows, reducing the number of inputs. Both new modules are backward compatible, making them easy to plug into existing systems.

Long life

Low energy use

Wide contaminant removal profile

Lego-like scalable design

Improved flow distribution

Getting started

Getting started with Fors is simple. The system is installed through a certified partner, who will instruct on operating procedures. The system is programmed to run autonomously and report basic functions to SWT control center in real-time, ensuring error-free operation and quick turnaround for unforeseen issues. Fors needs a flat ground and an electrical point to commence installation and operations, giving you uninterrupted clean water.