BREW 2.0

BREW 2.0 is one of several programs to foster freshwater technology innovation to help solve global water challenges.

Mistra Terraclean phase 2

Earlier this morning, Mistra Terraclean phase 2 kick-off was held. A lot of interesting companies were attending which hopefully will lead to fruitful collaborations and new scientific findings.

Introducing Success Stories

Announcing Success Stories! A place where we showcase how we’ve helped people sort out their water-related problems with our products and expertise. 

SWT enters Mistra Terraclean project – phase 2

SWT is extremely excited and proud to be a part of the Mistra Terraclean project – phase 2, wherein SWT intends to showcase their technology for removing various emerging contaminants from industrial wastewater. Terraclean Phase 2 is a 57 MSEK project with multiple academic and industrial partners focused on developing smart material and processes to […]

SWT graduates from CDL-Paris Climate Stream

We are proud to announce that SWT has graduated from the cohort of 2020/2021 at CDL-Paris Climate Stream. Earning valuable knowledge and experience from inspiring mentors will boost us in our journey to develop and design clean and sustainable water solutions. Learn more about CDL here This article was published 2021-06-01