Core M2 + L2

A breakthrough in terms of efficiency has been made, leading to the development of our new modules, Core M2 and Core L2. 1. By redesigning the inside, we’ve succeeded to improve the performance significantly within the same footprint, enabling new applications where space is an issue. For users that need to treat water volumes, we’ve […]

New UI

We’re proud to present our new UI! The team has worked hard for this one, and a lot of thinking, designing, and redesigning has been done to make it as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Behind the interface, there is smart software ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The new UI is installed in all Fors […]

Launching Fors!

SWT is launching Fors! All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable freshwater production. Fors comes in three sizes, single and double and quadruple modules, with the names Fors S, Fors M and Fors L.   Read more about Fors here.