We’re happy to announce that we’ve got a new CEO onboard, say hello to Bodil Wiklund!đź‘‹ With extensive experience from Xylem, we are convinced that she will lead SWT to the next level.

Core M2 + L2

A breakthrough in terms of efficiency has been made, leading to the development of our new modules, Core M2 and Core L2. 1. By redesigning the inside, we’ve succeeded to improve the performance significantly within the same footprint, enabling new applications where space is an issue. For users that need to treat water volumes, we’ve […]

New team member: Federico Sossai

Federico is a computer engineer who graduated from UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Padova (Italy) and has recently joined SWT as a firmware engineer consultant. He is bringing his passion for low-level programming to the heart of the control system by developing new features for the control board. Prior to this, Federico worked as a software […]

BREW 2.0

BREW 2.0 is one of several programs to foster freshwater technology innovation to help solve global water challenges.

Nordic Top 50 Impact Companies – 2021

We’re proud to be part of The One Initiatives #NordicTop50ImpactCompanies 2021. The list presents 50 promising Nordic and Baltic impact startups. This recognition really underlines what a successful year 2021 has been and how excited we are for 2022. See the full list here:

Company Brief 2021

2021 has almost come to an end, and WOW, what a year it has been! We’ve made a company brief, summarizing what we have accomplished during the past year and our vision for coming years. Read it here:

New UI

We’re proud to present our new UI! The team has worked hard for this one, and a lot of thinking, designing, and redesigning has been done to make it as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Behind the interface, there is smart software ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The new UI is installed in all Fors […]

The Business Booster Berlin 2021

Our CEO Karthik and our CCO Roger were attending The Business Booster 2021. Organized by EIT InnoEnergy, TBB is one of the largest energy conferences in the world. Stockholm Water Technology Team was there to present their innovative, energy-friendly water treatment solutions. Met exciting potential partners, customers, and investors. The future looks good. Thanks, EIT InnoEnergy for having […]