SWT’s core technology enables it to build and sell products catering to a wide array of applications, ranging from consumer, commercial to industrial needs. The membrane-independent and highly intelligent products are designed to enable dynamic tailoring of the quality of the output water, if required for the application. The carbon friendly products and technology which are designed and manufactured in Sweden are a perfect match to meet the objectives of a smart and sustainable water infrastructure of the future.

SWT’s Fors family addresses the needs of single homes, breweries and aquaculture farms (RAS systems). Fors family comes in sizes ranging from:

• 0 – 1500 LPD – Regular or summer homes
• Up to 10 000 LPD – Microbreweries
• Custom capacity – larger breweries and aquaculture farms

In all three market segments, Fors brings about unique benefits and USP’s which address the economic, sustainability and circular goals of the customer.

Current areas

Private households

With global water supply becoming an important issue to be tackled, governments and individuals are moving towards sustainable water use and smart homes, which will ensure continued water security for future generations. Water systems built for homes need to be dependable and supply the customer’s drinking water needs with precision and low costs. Fors addresses these needs by bringing to market a technology that is scalable and ensures that the water that goes out from Fors is always safe, irrespective of changes in the incoming water quality.


Breweries are the source of all the fine tasting beers, wine, flavoured drinking water and packaged still and sparkling water. Breweries have unique needs relating to controlling the taste and purity levels of water used for brewing or packaging. Fors L and subsequent customized solutions give the brewery owners a way to tailor the taste of their water via SWT’s unique and intelligent software program. SWT’s brewery products can work on both the incoming and outgoing (technical) water to promote circular use and reduce the cost and footprint of water for the brewery.

Aquaculture (RAS)

RAS farms is an inland aquaculture farm, which is a fast-growing market all over the world. With fish being touted as the food of the future and a replacement to meat, RAS farms need to be made sustainable in terms of their water use. SWT’s custom solution for RAS farms targets the ammonia, nitrates, phosphates and salts removal from loop water and wastewater to reduce the operating costs for the RAS farm and increase profitability. In addition, SWT enables inter-application circular water use for RAS farm waters, to further reduce costs and bring about new sources of revenue for the farm.

Future areas

Success stories

Work with us

Stockholm Water Technology is pleased to work with you on evaluating this technology. To ensure a custom-built solution, Stockholm Water Technology can provide you a cost-benefit analysis to showcase the advantages of this technology. In order for us to complete a study, we need the following information from your utilities, maintenance, or engineering team:

Feedwater quality and source
Treatment targets (conductivity, hardness, TDS, temperature, etc.)
System capacity (flow-rate requirements)
Chemical consumption of existing water treatment system
Unit prices of chemicals used in the water treatment process