All water-based recreational facilities use a significant amount of water with disinfectants which need to be cleaned thoroughly before discharge or re-use. As an example, for swimming pools, the water is continuously passed through conventional sand filters to maintain its quality and it takes a significant amount of water per m2 of filter bed to rinse the sand-filter on a daily basis.


As an example, pool treatment system consisting of 2 filters that are usually rinsed every two days require on average 300 m3 of water per month only for the rinsing function. Considering the abundant number of pools (1.1 million) in Scandinavia, the reuse of waste from the filters to bring them into a circular loop brings about sustainability for the pool water industry.

Why choose SWT-CDI?

SWT-CDI (Capacitive Deionization) technology is capable to break down and remove several types of organic and inorganic compounds in recreational water. With our system, the wastewater can be treated and reused in order to contribute to the circular water economy and reduce operational costs for the customer.

Key Benefits

  • Performance independent of temperature
  • Tailorable water quality for reuse or discharge
  • Modular design for adaptable system capacity
  • Remote monitoring and action
  • Low operating costs

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