Groundwater is a common water source used for both domestic and agricultural purposes. In several Asian and Middle Eastern countries, ground and surface water is the primary source for agricultural and domestic water. In Sweden, groundwater is used extensively by people living in areas without municipal water supply. However, groundwater often contains high amount of inorganic compound and metals such as arsenic and iron. It could also be contaminated by the surrounding activities, such as pesticide from agriculture and manure from livestock farming.


Why choose SWT-CDI?

SWT-CDI (Capacitive Deionization) technology extracts ions of all types from feed water, including sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride and toxic ions such as arsenate and fluoride. Unlike reverse osmosis process which required high pressure and expensive piping, SWT-CDI applies low voltage across the CDI electrode to control the ion content of the treated water which incurred low operating cost.

SWT has been evaluating a commercial pilot in this sector where the municipal water is further purified prior to packaging them into locally bottled drinking water. The treated water is able to meet the drinking water standards.

Key Benefits

  • High water recovery
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optionally solar powered operation
  • Modular design for adaptable system capacity

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