Rural Communities

Rural communities in developing regions of the world are the most affected by lack of clean drinking water. The size of the communities can range from less than a hundred to several hundreds to thousands of people who often do not have access to electricity.

Stockholm Water Technology AB (SWT) has developed a unique solution to address water issues in rural communities by using an innovative, chemical free, solar-battery operated water desalination systems which can be sized using a “lego-like” architecture to provide flexible water treatment solutions for a wide range of water quality, quantity and temperatures.

The systems comprise of individual desalting units (cells), which are incorporated into modules and the modules are combined in a series-parallel architecture to define the capacity of a system.

This generates multi-level modularity giving SWT the flexibility to tailor their products for the quality and capacity of the water to be treated, lowering application specific costs and real estate requirements due to the considerably smaller footprints of SWT systems.

The solar or battery operated systems have in-built water monitoring and correction systems to guarantee clean and safe drinking water for all.