Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) products cater to home, commercial and industrial requirements. Using proprietary and patented technology, SWT has a unique multi-modular product architecture which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual homes, commercial outlets, marine vessels or industries.

Home & commercial drinking water

The home drinking water unit caters to drinking water needs of a family by producing 20 – 50 liters of drinking water per day, depending on water salinity. It can be connected to a tap outlet and has an expandable reservoir volume to meet higher demands. The product works on home power outlets but can be optionally powered using batteries or solar cells for portable or remote usage, by mode switching on the unit. In the remote or portable mode the product is designed to operate without a tap input, using an external reservoir (optional attachment) as the source of water input.

Product features

  • 20 – 50 liters per day
  • Battery or solar cell powering option
  • Is portable for use in off-grid locations
  • Wall or table mountable (Dry weight <6 kg)
  • Fully automated with LCD display
  • Multi mode operation
  • Online water quality monitoring
  • Low water wastage (>75% water recovery)
  • Chemical free water treatment
  • Attractive service contracts

Product features

  • 100 – 300 liters per day (commercial outlets)
  • Automatic online water monitoring and remediation
  • Mountable under the sink or outside
  • User programmable water quality possible
  • Multi-line LCD for water & power utilization display
  • No chemicals involved
  • Attractive service contracts

Complete home and commercial water solutions

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) has designed a modular product to meet the complete water requirements (drinking, washing, cooking, shower etc.) of homes and commercial outlets like restaurants, cafeterias etc. The product comprises of individual modules, each having a capacity of  > 2000 liters per day using tap water input. The product can also be used for supplying the water needs of an individual home without municipal water connection; for e.g. homes located on islands using ground or sea water as the water source. A solar-battery powered variant of the product is also available for specific applications.

Target applications

  • Individual homes without municipal water supply
  • Total water solutions for restaurants and other commercial outlets
  • Water solutions for apartment buildings
  • Drinking water stations in schools and universities
  • Water solutions for small marine vessels

Product features

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Lego-like architecture tailored to meet customer requirements
  • Built-in water quality monitoring and control
  • Remote monitoring and control (optional)
  • Option for user defined output water quality
  • Solar-battery powered operation (optional)
  • Chemical free water treatment

Modular & flexible (capacity) water solutions

A rugged variation of the modular water treatment system is available for use in industrial and rural environments. The system provides complete water solutions for industrial, commercial and housing use and can be tailored to meet capacity needs of the customer. Contaminant specific pre-treatment units can be incorporated into the system to ensure longevity and consistence in output water quality over time.

Target applications

  • Industrial and waste water treatment
  • Water solutions for medium sized marine vessels
  • Housing communities without water supply
  • Drinking water supply for rural communities
  • Emergency drinking water solutions during natural disasters

Product features

  • Rugged product design
  • Remote monitoring and operation control
  • Expandable capacity
  • Low power and water wastage
  • Option for user defined output water quality
  • Solar-battery powered operation (optional)