Customized low cost solutions

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) products are developed using a unique multi-modular architecture which translates to customized solutions at low CAPEX for the customer. The products are built using lego-like units, enabling scale-up and scale-down as necessary. The exclusion of membranes makes the products more rugged to handle a wide variety of input waters while lowering maintenance costs for the customer.

Healthy water

Stockholm Water technology products do not use any chemicals for the pre-treatment or post-treatment of water. The systems are programmed to allow a certain amount of mineral content in water (which can be user defined) which is necessary for human consumption. This also allows the products to be systematically programmed to match the outlet water quality to the area of application intended (drinking, agriculture, environmental discharge), enabling the production of appropriate water quality for the lowest operating and capital costs.

Green Technology

The patented (pending) Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) uses a novel internal architecture which reduces the power consumption of the product significantly, while improving the desalting capacity of the products with high water recovery ratio (> 75%). With operating pressure less than 2 bar, the product can be powered using solar cells or batteries to reduce the carbon footprint of the device. Additionally, the materials used in the products are completely carbon based and are environmentally benign.

Intelligent user interface

The products are controlled by an intelligent microcontroller based intuitive program, which manages system operations by sensing the water quality (option for being defined by the user). An LCD based user-interface is also provided for live information about the device performance (water & power consumption) and also includes facilities for remote monitoring, recording and control of the system.