Home Drinking Water Solutions

Product specifications:

Salinity Range: 500 – 2000 mgL-1

Product Weight: < 6 Kg (dry weight) Water Capacity: 20 – 50 liters/day (expandable)

  • Integrated pre-filtration unit
  • Wall or table mountable plug & play design
  • Battery or solar cell powered (optional)

STOCKHOLM WATER TECHNOLOGY AB has developed a cost-effective wall mounted system for home drinking water solution.

The system powered by a single CDI module (110 mm x 200 mm) can generate 20-50 liters of desalinated water per day. The product capacity is expandable with the addition of external reservoirs and can be battery or solar cell powered in case of utilization for remote or off-grid locations without electricity (small scale rural applications). The product has a multi line LCD display which gives the user live information on water consumption and water quality. It is suitable for installation in homes and in remote locations for producing affordable and safe drinking water on demand.