Complete Home Water & Off-grid solutions

STOCKHOLM WATER TECHNOLOGY AB has developed a fully automated “Scalable Modular design” for complete home water solutions for operation in temperature ranges from 5 – 60 °C. Suitable for homes located on remote locations without municipal water supply (archipelago etc.).

The input water source can be ground, surface or sea water. The product can also be designed for use with solar modules and batteries for operation in locations outside the power grid. Product features include:

  • Flexible output water salinity- for use as gardening water or home water, including for drinking
  • Maintains nutritional balance – Keep essential minerals in water; re-mineralization for human consumption not necessary
  • High Water Recovery- Waste very little water
  • Minimum Maintenance- Developed with robust carbon materials & low process pressure for longer life
  • Low Fouling Potential- No membranes involved
  • Environmentally Friendly- Optionally solar powered