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Capacitive deionization with asymmetric electrodes: Electrode capacitance vs electrode surface area

Removing charged species from aqueous media is of interest in diverse applications including desalting of saline water. Capacitive deionization (CDI) devices governed by the principles of a supercapacitor use two conductive electrodes which are preferably nanostructured to provide large surface area for adsorption of ions. Practical capacitive deionization systems operate at very low voltages, lower […]

Conference reviews nanotechnology for water treatment and solar energy

The demand for innovation in water treatment, environmental remediation and energy technologies has progressively increased over the years. Nanotechnology has emerged as a viable solution poised to revolutionise the environment sectors especially in the fields of water, energy and pollution control. SQU with the support from the Research Council of Oman (TRC) and the US […]